Christmas and New Year MF Investment Gift Packages

It is difficult to sit enjoying the late Summer sun. But like it or not we will soon be thinking about Christmas and New Year.

MF could offer what are essentially Christmas Gift Tokens under a variety of different guises or names, depending on the marketing direction behind them.

Essentially, investors or individuals could buy an MF Investment “Token” for £10 or more, entitling the nominated (or to be named) individual to provide further details and choose to open one (or possibly more depending on the amount gifted), MF Portfolio investments.

The “Token” price might be incentivised, but once it was translated into a Portfolio opening for an individual, MF would have a new customer, an incentivised new referral & cash from the purchase received weeks or even months before it is actually used.

I am not aware of a similar product being offered by any competing investment houses. What do we think?


I like this idea but the question of mounting an effective Christmas / NY marketing campaign when it is often a saturated field is another story.

I think it’s a good idea. Yeah it’s a saturated market, but as @Curious1 suggests it is a unique offering. Added to which you could gear the marketing around avoiding the materialistic usual gifts that no one really wants.

“Invest in your loved ones’ future this Christmas”
“Invest in your life not just for Christmas” or something similar.

And if MF can get socially responsible investing up and running by that point it would feed into that kind rhetoric as well.

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Definitely on board with offering socially responsible / sustainable and ethical portfolios but I suspect that expanding the product / service offering may well be less resource-intensive than developing, quality assuring and launching a full-fledged seasonal marketing campaign. Would prefer that same resource to be used to test the waters with a generalised marketing campaign.

I remember another investor in the community forum (forgot who so it may even be one of you) essentially stated that the key is to carefully select what you do, given constraints and a world of possibilities.

Ultimately, it’s down to MarketsFlow management to decide but, aside from Christmas / NY promotional offers which would probably be fairly straightforward to implement amongst the existing client / customer base, my view is that it’d be wise to steer clear of a seasonal marketing campaign for now.

I like the idea of a campaign, but I think what is much more critical at the moment is creating a top-botch app, with an incredibly fast and slick onboarding experience, and most of the functionality people will expect.

At the moment, in all honesty, the app is poor. Very poor. That is not a criticism, but a fact of the very early growth stage MarketsFlow is at.

You only get one chance to make a first expression and I have seen too many startups pursue growth through marketing, only to experience massive drop out rates during onboarding, or major retention issues during in-use. Those customers you won’t win back easily.

I really would like to see a major acceleration of the app development before we do major marketing campaigns.

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I understand where you’re coming from although my impression is that the app is more important to retail investors and (sophisticated) individuals. However, even if only for the time being, it may prove significantly less important to institutional clients. Happy to be proven wrong, in any case.

You are not wrong, but the suggested marketing campaign by OP seems to be retail focussed.

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I still think it is a good idea, but yes not the highest priority. So one to be parked for next year potentially, when the app is improved and more of the core roadmap has been delivered.

It would be nice to hear from the MF team on a few of the recent threads. It has been a bit quiet from them in the past month or so. I’m guessing it’s because they are hard at work behind the scenes, but maintaining communication with investors and early adopters is still key!

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I am in agreement with the vast majority of views on this. I should say though that I am not suggesting a premature fully-fledged campaign before MF is geared up to deal with the response etc.

I am not sure of the exact numbers of the 668 individual investors who invested in R1 and then went on to invest in R2. But, there is a ballpark figure of towards 1000 investors, who have shown their commitment, understanding, excitement about the product & aspirations for the future of MF. There are also a gathering number of committed clients, and I would be keen to wring more business out of these areas at very low cost.

As a personal example, I would be keen to get my two sons involved in MF Portfolio investment, particularly due to their young age and the compounding performance effects of the MF Portfolios over time. In terms of likely interest, they both have IT degrees & work for big IT companies, they have also started investing & buying shares in companies. Potentially interested I would say, but would they respond to a referral by me? I really don’t think so, but they would respond to an MF Gift token heading in their direction. They would immediately tune in to the daily performance bulletins and hopefully spark and build interest in the performance dynamics of MF that would then take over. It would only take an e-mail notification to me of a Gift Token type product & I would take up 2 and possibly 4 of them.

When there was a lengthy queue to open a Monzo current account, Monzo came up with Golden Tickets for investors to make a referral and gave them a priority in the Current Account queue. This might be worth considering in some form, if or when MF develops product queues. Also, quite a few of you will be aware that MoneyDashboard are rewarding referrals with shares in the company. This could work really well in terms of cost/referral, particularly in the investment sector, so it’s progress will be worth watching.


Hi M,
You have raised a number of very valid critical success factor points that MF must focus on. Thank you.

I agree the app is critical but I think that, as an investor, I can accept slow and steady progress there especially if AUM is rapidly growing in any case (although, admittedly, I don’t have access to those figures to verify or gauge traction in that most critical regard).

I agree that the app is critical & also with Martijn that it should be state of the art, very slick, and the equal of the best of the competition as soon as practicable. It should be themed so that along with the website there are instant recognition and identification factors, that immediately show they are from the same thoroughbred stable. Both of these CSF areas must reflect the advanced science & futuristic aspects of the MF products.

Of paramount importance to me as a CSF is keeping the MF product itself well ahead of the game, with an appropriate allocation of resources - from this literally everything else follows. To me the excellence & pre-eminence of the MF product in the market-place is the best “free” marketing available.

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