Ideas for visualisation of data for portfolios

Hey, Its Mario from Software Engineering and I am working on visualisation of data for portfolios. If you have got some cool ideas I would love to hear about them? Its for web and mobile, so have to be responsive.

Hi Mario, I think I mentioned this briefly to Tom but we could actually do a geographical distribution and visualisation of clients across regions / jurisdictions. I think that, whether it’s on the website or through the app, if we publicly display and visualise the number of clients, the AUM and/or AUA by jurisdiction that we operate (UK, USA, Dubai, etc.) then that helps fortify credibility in each of those places, helps attract and retain clients and also depicts a visualisation of the growth of the firm in each of the jurisdictions that it operates in. This could even be updated in real-time and it would be particularly exciting to continuously visit the website or the app for real-time updates as MarketsFlow enters this next phase of rapid growth.


I second this as it would be cool to know which country is topping the Marketsflow charts :sunglasses:

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Do you mean visualisation for clients to view their own portfolio, or for everyone to view trends in your products overall?


Hi @VishalWilde and @Sydriq

I think is a good idea. I’ll have a chat with Tom about it and let’s see when we can start working on it.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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Good afternoon @kenny.
Actually yes initially that’s what I was thinking in terms charts for allocation screen and adding visualisation where possible to show data for Account Transactions and Account Performance screens, any other suggestion on visualisation is highly welcomed
Thanks for your response.

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The charts can show which portfolio is having more subscription country by country. Individually you still get to have a personal view of yours.


Actually, that is a great idea. Initially we could perhaps show traction on the different portfolio uptakes in the UK on a dynamic basis. The country visualisation is awesome too as we roll out accessible portfolios in other countries.


Charts vs key benchmark indices would be helpful.

It would also be interesting to see a breakdown of the transactions within the portfolio, ie what underlying shares and options have been bought and sold. Maybe also showing the makeup of the portfolio by various factors. Eg pies or graphs of options vs shares, different sectors etc


@JamesWhitt - Totally agree as benchmarks go EurekaHedge and S&P would send out a very clear message in terms of MarketsFlow’s relative performance.

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In that case I think benchmarks would be very interesting, and also to show the historical graph to new users for the fund overall, since the graph for a new user is not going to be very interesting. I don’t mind if these are superimposed, or shown as separate graphs. Frankly, I’m not clear on what I’m seeing when I open home at the moment, or if it is real data.

Things I would like to see eventually:

  • History of actual investments over time - money value over time
  • History of overall portfolio % growth over time (or growth of an indicative amount like £1000 if you prefer)
  • Comparative growth for an index like S&P - probably this is best combined with the overall portfolio growth.

As it might be helpful, I’ll give you my impressions when I first open the app at the home portfolio screen:

As a new user, you don’t have much to show me - I have a few days of history, so the graphs over 1 month I’d expect to indicate this. Instead I see the same very rounded graphs no matter which time period I choose to look at and it’s hard for me to know what it shows - I’m not sure if this is a placeholder or real data. Real data I’d expect to be far less rounded over a 6 month period say if it uses daily datapoints. I’d ditch max as you don’t have a product that’s been out for even 1 year yet do you?

I see the portfolio performance summary is now complete, which is great, this is looking good, though it is all greyed out? Also it would be helpful to have a key so beginners know what SV EV DC DP mean. What sort of investor are you targeting at the moment? Beginners, experienced investors, or something in between?

IMO it’d be good to focus on the new user experience here on the charts, and show them something useful even when they have only invested a small amount for a short period, with an explanation of what they’re seeing in the chart (a clear key perhaps). Others may differ, but as a new user I think I’d like to see these three overlaid:

Product performance over up to 1 year, comparative index performance over the time period, investment performance over the time period available (which is going to be a very small part of the graph when set to 1y). So that at least I have something to look at when I have just opened the account.


Very interesting @JamesWhitt

We hope to have our chart for mobile (1d, 1w, 1m, 6m, 1y, all) by next week.
We’ll think about including key benchmarks, pies and other charting options for the coming releases.
We might have higher level allocation breakdown, and investing ratios but may not include trade level transactions.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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It might be useful to provide a calculator that illustrates what an investor could hopefully/prospectively expect as a return if they invested say £25, £50, £100 etc per day/week/month, over say a standard year Jan - Dec 2018. Or the period starting October 2018 or whenever.

This would also be useful if someone, reduced their investment to purchase say a domestic item or a vehicle etc. It would help in making an informed decision, in terms of impacts - they might think about alternative methods of finance, using savings etc.


I love this suggestion.

Hey @kenny Thanks for the great feedback and your input from a user’s perspective. I know that @mario was working on your reply and he had a very busy day on Friday.

I also like your idea of showing something to the user which is not as empty as it is currently, we could go with your ideas of superimposing with various previous performance or hypothetical representation but based on real historical returns for MF portfolios. Lots of good stuff there!

Your 3 suggestions have been noted.:ok_hand:

We are certainly aiming for a highly visual App and web platform which could replace numerical data where possible into a highly interactive visual format. The goal is to produce a stunning App which can show various aspects of the portfolio performance and introduce gamification and simulation elements.

Looking into the future, an example could look like based on actual last week’s performance how could an additional £1000 invested by the user look like etc. I think that you are making the same point.

Yes I agree that currently as a new user, other than the daily Account value change there isn’t much happening, so this is what the App team is currently working on. The dashboard screen will soon be showing the charts of the portfolio performance since the start of the portfolio.

We have some progressive visualisation plans to roll out, but we have to go step at a time.

Yes, we will highlight description of SV (Starting Value) and EV(Ending Value) DC(Daily Change) DP (daily Performance).

We are targeting all levels from beginners to advanced, so I agree that the language has to be easily understood. As you are aware we are highly optimised and risk managed, and would argue that far more than most other asset managers. You can clearly see that at times we are fully un-invested due to controlled risk management. So our product fits very well with beginners looking for risk managed portfolios to advanced users looking for high performance.

> IMO it’d be good to focus on the new user experience here on the charts, and show them something useful even when they have only invested a small amount for a short period, with an explanation of what they’re seeing in the chart (a clear key perhaps). Others may differ, but as a new user I think I’d like to see these three overlaid:
*> *
> Product performance over up to 1 year, comparative index performance over the time period, investment performance over the time period available (which is going to be a very small part of the graph when set to 1y). So that at least I have something to look at when I have just opened the account

This is a gem of a point, and we agree wholeheartedly with this. We are fully focused on getting the above piece right. :muscle:


@Curious1 a brilliant idea indeed. This takes the concept of traditional saving goals to a new level of linking investment goals to a purchase.

We are working on a first version of visual sliders to highlight what you could achieve in terms of returns, risks and fees if you deposited a certain amount, and then enhance it further by linking it to financial goals.



Is there any mileage in also linking in what would have happened historically if the clock was turned back say a year - illustrating at what point the proposed purchase could have actually been made based on a given investment amount and actual proven performance.

Really the key is to have lots of visuals to seduce and draw in the prospective or new investor. Visuals that bridge the gap between an initial interest in building for the financial future & a full understanding of the World of fast programmatic trading, behind the visuals.


I would quite like to see geographic split as well. Both on a current basis (ie a simple pie) and on a historical basis. I think the historical basis would be really interesting to demonstrate both how MF is returns and not geographically-biased and where those opportunities have come from and how this has changed over the short to medium-term.

This may actually be useful for users when considering their other investments. They could see that MF has say been reducing exposure to the UK over the last few months and may think about replicating it in their portfolios on other platforms.

Eventually this could actually lead to existing users moving more of their assets over to MF. As they realise that manually changing their geographic exposure can be a pain and costly and will naturally always lag someone like MF. Hence they would decide that they would rather have MF do it for them.

The same could apply to sector focus too.

I am probably basing this on my own experience quite a lot in that I have one portfolio in particular that is very manual to manage (which I do partly by following signals from key fund managers I keep track of) and depending on the performance of my MF portfolio, I’ll probably move this money over to MF, which will more than double the amount that MF is currently managing for me.


There are lots of great ideas on this thread, and for those who have already invested & know what the MF Platform is about, comparisons with EurekaHedge and S&P performances, geographical impact etc are really meaningful and informative.

Stepping back from this though, there seems to be a general feeling that the “new” or by implication also the prospective investor, does not get much meaningful information initially. But, they need enough information to persuade them to invest/stay invested and become sticky, and this information needs to link and theme with what they then see in the much deeper Portfolio comparators once they have invested.

What I mean by this with base level scenario is that someone who has never heard of MarketsFlow before is looking at the website, and one of the hooks that holds their interest might be comparator visuals like: what happens if I hold cash, leave money in a current account, place money in a savings account or Building Society ISA etc. Are there any success stories yet - these are like gold-dust?

The other big-ones are, comparator visuals on the lines of “so what is this going to cost me?” Also I am risk averse and I want to know what the risk is with MF - I have seen all the standard “capital at risk” stuff, I want someone ideally to tell me the MF company view on risk associated with my money. These together with visuals of Portfolio Performance then lead and theme in to the deeper more hard-core visuals, more appropriate for the seasoned investor.


Thank you!

Your suggestions would really aid the cause especially for those of us trying to get family and friends to invest through MF.