iOS and Android 2.6 now released with chart features, please update!

Hi all,

Please update the app to make use the of the chart features.
• Dynamic and interactive chart feature which reflects the changing value of your portfolio.
• Users can select the range of chart display from 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and all periods.
• Users can also click on the historical chart to see the portfolio performance value on the day.

Thanks for providing your feedback as we are constantly improving the functionality, design, robustness and adding new features.


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Something seems to be off with mine.

It gives me a flat line (see image below), even though when I drag my finger over that line it shows the correct values from the portfolio performance, so I am assuming it is not a real flag line, but just visually looks like one because I only have £100 in my portfolio.

However, in my view it should dynamically adjust the Y-axis as even though I currently have a low value in my portfolio, the daily fluctuations are still sizeable (biggest was 0.24% day change). In short, for whatever range is chosen the Y-axis should adjust dynamically to the highest and lowest value in that particular range, so you can get the best view of the fluctuations.

Even when I select a week as the range, the line remains visually flat, therefore, it is not very useful.

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Another thing, below the graph it shows the day change in value and %. It’d be nice to have the change in value and % above the graph reflect the chosen period.

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