MarketsCycle Trading Name

Just spotted this on the website: “MarketsCycle is a trading name for MarketsFlow Ltd.”

I haven’t come across ‘MarketsCycle’ yet so I’d be interested to know what context this is in.

The MarketsFlow Disclaimer states as follows - Those considering an investment should request a Client access to MarketsFlow applications, mainly MarketsFolio, MarketsCycle and MarketsAlgorithms.

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Thanks @Curious1, do you know if these variations are fairly recent or have I simply not been paying close enough attention?

Vishal - I’m not certain how long the wording has been there so I’ve definitely not been paying sufficient attention.

I think the suffixes attached to “Markets…….” go back some time though, to a point when there were discussions with Tom surrounding taking ownership not just of MarketsFlow as a name, but also names that were close to it and sounded similar.

Yes, I think I recall some discussions and questions around that too.

I’ve become exceedingly curious to read the next investor update because, although it feels like it’s been a while, it actually hasn’t been all that long since the Crowdcube campaign although it seems as if a lot has happened.

I completely agree. It is a really exciting time for all of us MF investors. It seems very unusual for Tom to go as quiet as this for any length of time, and it has simply served to heighten my anticipation that significant developments will be announced with his next Investor Update.


When is the next investor’s update. It’d be good to know what’s going on behind the scenes and what the plans are around AUM acquisition and tech development.