Portfolio performance automation processes

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As @tom_mf mentioned here, we have been working hard to bring portfolio performance automation processes to MF. As with any software we’ve been working to iron out some issues, gradually moving from manual processes to full systems automation. There are daily checks we are running at the moment to ensure the numbers the system is generating are correct, and where they are not we have back-up processes to evaluate out what went wrong, refine and re-run.

Immediately before the automated process begins we take a snapshot of our data so we can analyse before and after information where necessary, and so we can roll back daily updates in the worst case scenario. What this means is we have a robust process for ensuring the calculations and processes do what they’re designed to do, with automated code testing coming into play next to improve efficiency of testing - particularly when it comes to code changes which might inadvertently break elements of the process.

With that in mind, our current process to update client accounts is dependency-driven and runs twice - first between 10-11pm Monday to Friday, and second between 5-6am Tuesday to Saturday. There are specific datasets that are not always available on the first run but are on the second - something that is not in our control. Where that dataset is fully available to us by 10pm, we would expect accounts to be updated that evening, but otherwise it would be updated by 6am the following morning.

Behind the scenes we’re working with our data partners to improve that availability to us, with a view to having the whole process run start to finish by 11pm Monday-Friday.

There is still some work to be done, but as you can see we’ve made good progress here and continue to do so.

I hope that clarifies our position - do let us know if there are any further queries!


A hugely difficult task, but obviously vitally important that the process is robust & 100% accurate first time and every time. Probably the only major advance after this would be real-time reporting, so that this will be a massively important facet of the MF offering, and way ahead of the opposition.

I presume that this could accommodate say a self-select share GIA, if it became part of the MF product range, as it would essentially involve the same processes?

Great news, and enjoy the intricacies of your day(s).

I like the feel of this latest iteration of the app @paul_mf after I logged in again today.

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