Report any bugs found in the app

Hey, its Ilya here from the MarketsFlow App team, let me know if you find any bugs with iOS 2.4 release?

Hi there,

Not related to the ios release but thought I would mention it anyway. I’m finding that on the Android app, when I first load it up, it can crash / shut down once or twice before loading properly. And then it often shows my balance as £0 with a flat line on the chart. I usually need to click on ‘1yr’ or one of those buttons to kick start the balance and chart before it finally works on the ‘all’ button.

Also my portfolio performance is blank. How often will this be updated?



Thanks @JamesWhitt,

We’ve tested our previous version 2.3 on Android and are aware of this issue. We have developed the new version 2.4 which is more stable and are going to release it soon. We will notify you as soon as that is released


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In case anyone has experienced an app crash whilst signing up, please let us know? Thanks