Very excited to have Paul Ingram at MF on our Web Platform

Good morning all,

I hope that you have had a marvellous bank holiday weekend with beautiful weather.

I am very excited to have Paul Ingram join our Web platform and Systems engineering team.

Paul is a trained private pilot with real passion for aviation. He will share his flying videos here occasionally.

I love his diligent side. MF is truly lucky to have him.


Glad to be here!

If we’re talking about sharing flying videos, I did something a little extra special for my wedding anniversary this year!


Will you be flying @tom_mf back and forth to Canada in his private jet? :wink:

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As long as he’s willing to fund my commercial licence training… :wink: :joy:


lol, lets make it happen then @Martijn @paul_mf (correction though - MarketsFlow’s private jet) :wink: :small_airplane:

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Enough seats for me, my wife and my four kids? If so, I am game! :+1:t2:


Watch out for Tom putting banner-towing and sky-writing in the marketing plan! And enjoy MarketsFlow - you are joining at a great time.

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Both of those require extra training, but I think we can rule out sky-writing. I’ve tried aerobatics and I can’t say I overly enjoyed it! Banner-towing on the other hand…

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and making a difference at MarketsFlow!

Joking aside, what will @paul_mf exactly be focusing on in the engineering team?

Assuming you’re looking at setting up a full scrum team, what will his role be within such a team and how far are you from a full team?

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Welcome Paul to the Marketsflow team

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Welcome to the team Paul!