View of Multiple Portfolio details is now live for web!

We are very pleased that our view of the details for Multiple portfolios within the same account is now live on our web platform!

You can now view the performance of your different portfolios in your account area. If we have set up more than one portfolios for your account - for example an MF High Growth GIA and an MF ISA – you can access the multiple portfolio screen from the top right settings menu in your account (gear shape).

There you will be able to see a list of all your portfolios. By clicking on the specific portfolio “ID” number on the left column, you will see a list with your portfolio performance for each day to date.

You will also be able to see the starting and ending value for each day, the daily change and daily, as well as YTD, performance of your selected portfolio.



Good news. Good work Ilya!


Really like the updates with the graph and the YTD tracker. Mine still shows the second bit of money I put in so shows a very healthy YTD increase.


Many thanks, this is a much needed increase in functionality. I was finding it frustrating not being able to see the performance of the High Growth ISA and High Growth GIA separately.

Now, with exactly the same amounts in each of these accounts, and amounts that easily translate into the performance percentages without having to resort to using a calculator, it makes it a breeze to check this out against the stated MF performance, and also compare the relative performance of each account.