Working on App dashboard charts for the next release!

Hi all,
I am working on our charts, and here is an illustration of what it looks like.
We are still optimizing the look & feel but please feel free to provide your suggestions.

Much appreciated!!


@ilya that is looking great! :clap:

We also need to show the negative figures in red and positives in green, and could we also add refresh capabilities for the graph when the users swipes down.


@ilya, it’s looking good! A couple of minor suggestions - the numbers on the line on the graph could do with formatting. Also axis would be helpful. Maybe if you click on the graph it could expand into full screen and then it could have the axis on it then? I know nothing about coding so that’s probably tons more work…


Thanks @JamesWhitt for you suggestion! The Chart should have more details and for now we have plans to improve the portfolio dash chart as a minimum. We are not going to limit ourselves on tooltip and dots on charts. Check out new Charts in the next releases.

@tom_mf has added this task for tomorrow’s release but I will keep your suggestions in mind for the next releases :grinning:


Looks really excellent. Ideally figures as big as practicable does the trick for me.

This looks really good, excited to see these in the app, thanks! I’m assuming the growth figures at top reflect the totals for the period, and then the figure below is daily.

It would be really nice to see charts plotted with a 1 day precision, at the moment these charts look a bit less than that (every 2 days?). It would also be nice to see little hover labels with the growth for that day on a particular point when you tap it. So something like £50,533 (£-14.12, -0.03%).

I’d also really like to see at some point growth not including money in, not sure what that’s called, so that the performance of the portfolio is obvious. At the moment growth figures include bonuses and money deposited.


Thanks @kenny, yes the portfolio account value (which could include multiple portfolios) is followed by the daily change.

The tooltip hover is plotted for 1 day precision and currently would highlight just the account value on the day, but we will look to add the daily change and percent change on hovering.

Yes, the above account is live and in fact does not include any rewards but I agree that the rewards should not be counted as the growth. So depending on when the clients have joined the accessible portfolios they should be seeing cumulative returns of about 1.42% in the last 4 weeks on the MF High growth portfolio.

We have a lot planned for the visualisation of data and reporting in the app including some of your earlier suggestions, we cant wait to get them out :grin:

One of the things we are thinking about is highlighting the allocations on a daily basis ie cash invested ratios and also cash/equity/options. There are far too many good metrics to show.

And then I will save a really cool data feed feature we are working on for next week, when clients will be able to see the portfolio performance from 9.30pm on the day. That is as real-time as it gets!

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It’d also be interesting to see if you select a specific period - for example, the last month - some stats like opening and closing value of that chosen period, as well as high and low.

I’d love to see the allocation split as you suggested, @tom_mf

Ideally, it’d be good to see some financial news against the day as well, like market sentiment or something. This, coupled with the allocations, may help people understand more about the performance of the fund.


On the web dashboard, it has a column YTD performance which is always 0.0%. Could this be updated? This column is absent from the app dashboard. Also, when a deposit is made, on the dashboard, this is added to the “daily change” and “daily performance” totals which is not really useful as it skews the performance for that day for the portfolio. Could the way this is displayed be altered somehow?

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Hi all,

I think the following could be useful:

  1. Profile
    Personal details
    Name of the Portfolio subscribed

  2. Portfolios/Products
    List all the portfolios allowing to select and subscribe the ones the costumer wants. Example: ISA and High Growth. This way the user will be able to allocate with just a click.

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@tom_mf Is there a roadmap or timeline of the app features that will be coming out? Particularly interested in:

  1. Visibility of multiple portfolios (e.g. if you have a GIA and ISA, to show these separately)

  2. Displaying the allocations as they stand (e.g. 50% Cash, 40% Equity, 10% options)

  3. Information about unrealised gains/losses vs. realised gains/losses

Could you elaborate on that one, @rahimnota? Not sure I know what you mean with that, but am curious!

By the realised/unrealised gains or losses I meant the functionality that was previously on InteractiveBrokers which MF used before the launch of the accessible portfolios.

This allowed a view of each holding in the portfolio (now the MF fund) and the realised or unrealised gain/loss for each holding. This may only be possible to show after the position is closed on a holding (if MF don’t wish to show live holdings). The total gains/losses for each holding would roll up into figures for CGT purposes.

However I personality think functionality to meet number 1 and 2 from my post above would be most beneficial.

Also wanted to say thanks to @tom_mf and the team for an amazing performance on the portfolio so far. Strong performance and even stronger risk management!


A few quick questions for Tom. If competitors that are tracking the dynamics of the MF Portfolios, see that they are say completely in cash at a particular point, or on a given day, won’t this give them a very useful/useable insight into MFs appetite for risk at a given time?

With sophisticated tracking & measurement techniques, would any discernible pattern feasibly emerge, or would it always, as I would assume, be completely random?


On the app changing “Starting Value” to “Start Value” & “Ending Value” to “End Value” & “Percentage” to “%” would save space and still convey the same meaning. This might enable another line of data to be shown without scrolling.


Hi @congregational,

Welcome to the MF community :slight_smile:

The YTD is indeed empty, and whilst it is easier to populate, we have it earmarked for the one after next release. Regarding the deposit ‘day change’ impact, I agree and I believe that this has been fixed and is now live.

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Hi @sakanix,

Thank you for the suggestions.

Regarding your points 1 & 2, you will be pleased to know that this has been earmarked for the one after next release. Timeline wise, we hope that to be the case within 2 weeks :slight_smile:

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Welcome @rahimnota to the MF community :slight_smile:

Great suggestions!

Point 1) to be implemented within 2 weeks.

Point 2 ) is a sensitive one due to MarketsFlow’s edge, and as things are progressing we may need to re-consider it. Initially we were thinking of enabling this, but we just need to iron out certain concerns around USP and defensibility of MF. I will report back on this.

Point 3) The great thing about MF is that most gains you see are realised but having said that there are times when we are carrying unrealised gains/losses, and I think it would be great to show these to clients. I will get back to you on this.

Many thanks @Curious1,

You make a great point about competitors using our available data metrics to mimic/copy MF’s performance, therefore we do have to carefully consider the data we disclose on the app.

There is clearly a fine balance between showing important clients portfolio metrics data and not giving too much to the competitors.

Thanks again for the suggestions on shortening titles on portfolio performance summary page. We certainly will implement these in the one after next release :slight_smile:

Please keep the great suggestions coming, thanks.