Working on the new MarketsFlow site menu

Hi everyone, we are currently working on re-designing our menu for web browser.
The menu will be simplified and placed in the top middle of the page with 4 links.
Having looked around at a number of sites in the new financial industry, we think it should be structured like this:
About, Invest, Community, Help plus a button to Start investing (Sign up) and one to Log in on the top right.
The above sections will include the following pages:
• About: Who we are, Why invest with us, Awards, Team
• Invest: Managed Portfolio, Managed ISA, Performance, Fees, Rewards
• Community
• Help: Help section, Videos, Blog, Contact us

Let us know what you think or if we are missing anything important! Thanks

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Perhaps a timeline - an illustration of the rapid pace of development and achievement for MF.


Dependent on how actively you will use it, but I would upgrade the Blog to the headline. You could have a summary of the weekly performance with a link to the weekly podcast on there, key developments, app releases, etc. If people see an active blog, it often gives them confidence that the company is developing.


Super idea! Everyone wants information on how their money is doing. It certainly will be catchy!